The analytical industry indicators presented within the service are provided in tabular and graphical form. The source data, published by the Central Statistical Office of Poland, allow to calculate 35 indicators for the respective industries (18 industries compliant with the PKD 2007 classification), including 14 indicators available based on quarterly data and 35 indicators available for yearly data.

The values of industry indicators are shown, for the selected industry, region and periods, in the following 5 groups of ratios:

  • liquidity,
  • profitability,
  • efficiency (activity),
  • debt management,
  • general performance.

By default, the tables contain basic analytical indicators, however it is also possible for each of the tables to include additional ratios. Furthermore, for each group, it is possible to create charts depicting changes of industry indicators’ values (up to 3 data series).

The analytical industry indicators can be downloaded in the following data formats:

  • csv – it includes all indicators for the selected industry, region and periods,
  • xls – it includes only the indicators which were selected by the User in each group,
  • pdf – it includes only the indicators which were selected by the User in each group, as well as the charts created for them,
  • png – in this format it is possible to download individual tables and charts.

A detailed list of indicators available within the service is given below, together with the information on whether they are presented quarterly or yearly.

LIQUIDITY RATIOSIndicators presented
1Current ratio
2Quick ratio
3Cash ratio
4Net working capital to current assets

PROFITABILITY RATIOSIndicators presented
1Gross profit margin
2Operating profit margin
3Return on sales (ROS)
4Return on assets (ROA)
5Return on equity (ROE)
6Basic earning power ratio
7Return on share (initial) capital

1Inventory/stock turnover ratio (in days) / Inventories cycle
2Receivables turnover ratio (in days) / Receivables cycle
3Liabilities turnover ratio (in days) / Liabilities cycle
4Operating cycle (in days)
5Cash conversion cycle (in days)
6Total assets turnover
7Tangible fixed assets turnover
8Intangible assets turnover ratio
9Operating costs ratio
10Financial costs ratio

DEBT MANAGEMENT RATIOSIndicators presented
1Equity ratio
2Adjusted equity ratio
3Debt ratio
4Debt-to-equity ratio
5Long-term debt to equity
6Short-term debt to equity
7Fixed assets to long-term debt ratio

1Assets structure ratio
2Capital structure ratio
3Long-term solvency ratio based on equity coverage
4Long-term solvency ratio based on fixed capital coverage
5Long-term solvency ratio based on debt coverage
6Synthetic ratio of financial stability
7Share (Initial) capital ratio